On a Star page you commemorate your deceased relatives, friends and acquintances.

Create the life story of the deceased person in collaboration with others and create a beautiful overview of important moments in the life of your Star.

All Angels can add their pictures to the Star, so that the Star profile becomes an unique collection of memories. And the most beautiful pictures can be delivered in printed format at your home.

Keep commemorating your Star by adding memories to his profile, or share YouTube videos with other Angels.

Now, create yourself a profile on Elysway, and immediately create a Star in comemoration of your deceased relative.


”Daddy is no more. Now, he is a Star in heaven.”

One day.

We all lose someone dear. White or black, believing in God or unbelieving, young or old. Saying goodbye is something universal.

Elysway is a social platform for people who stay behind (Passengers) and who, together with their relatives (Angels), want to deal with the loss of a loved one (a Star), want to make it discussable and want to foster positive memories.

Elysway is an eternal resting-place, a virtual link to heaven. A digital commemorative place where kindred souls find consolation, where memories will continue to exist, where relatives affectionately embrace one another. Elysway wants to be a home. An open door where losing does not exist.

You only die when people stop talking about you…

Elysway keeps the memory alive.


How does Elysway work?


Everyone who is logged in or registered on Elysway is a Passenger. A Passenger has limited access to the profile page of the deceased person. He only sees public information and can only leave a commemoration.


An Angel has unlimited access to the profile page of a deceased. He sees all messages and can post all kinds of things to complete the life story of the Star: commemorations, pictures, videos, etc. Angels are also kept informed on commemoration services and other events. To become an Angel you must ask permission to the Star Angel.


A Star Angel manages the profile page of the deceased person. He created it himself or got the authorization of another Star Angel. A Star Angel takes care of a correct follow-up of all the information that is posted by Passengers and Angels.


Most of the time, a Star is a beloved one who died. His profile page is called a Star page, created by a Star Angel. It shows the story of his life and keeps the deceased person alive. If you want so, you can also write your own life story to have it published afterwards.

Een geregistreerd gebruiker van Elysway beschikt niet over een herroepingsrecht overeenkomstig artikel VI.53 Wetboek Economisch Recht.